Wait….don’t throw that out!

Have you ever gone through your parents or grandparents garage and just wish you could throw out all that “junk”. Stop! you never know what you could find in there.

I just finish reading Buzz Kaplan’s Blog about “Genesis of the coffee table” Where he  explained why there are no “antique” coffee table, simply by the fact, that coffee tables became vogue in the early 20th century based on practicality. Before then, there were tea tables and teapoys which were much higher. (For any piece to be considered antique it must be in existence 100 years or more)

Tea Table

After reading Buzz’s post, I just remembered that I had a tea table that was given to me by  an elderly neighbor when I lived in Pennsylvania. Her kids had asked her to clear out and give away some stuff because they were moving her to Florida. I remember her telling me that she got it from and aunt who passed decades before.

It kinda look like this

I needed a side table,she kept it in good shape, so I took it and used it for many years. It was kind of more traditional than the rest of my furniture, but nonetheless it was functional. After moving to a very modern condo, I took it over to my mom’s place about  2 years ago and tucked it away in some closet ( I store things there, she has a lot more space than I do). Funny enough, I never thought of it’s worth, but held on to it because it hold such sentimental value for me. This weekend I will resurrect it. I pretty sure it’s an antique, if not it’s pretty damn close to being one.

But hey.. think before you started trashing stuff.

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