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I had a chance to see Joan River’s new movie over the weekend. Yes, I laughed hard but more interesting I was blown away by her house in Manhattan which is gorgeous! I vaguely remember her mentioning during an interview about being a collector of Faberge eggs, but I could never imagined she lived in such grandeur.

As an Interior Designer it’s all about the details for me. I have seen many homes noted as “designer done” but many details were simply ignored, omitted or overlooked, not Joan River’s. I sat in the movie soaking in every bit from the gilded moldings to the limed cabinets in her bathroom, painted ceiling, Aubusson rugs, chandeliers, accessories, the works. It was a delight; it was like entering a 18th century palace or museum in Europe.  While I am not surprised she has great taste (after all she dresses impeccably) but to think that anyone today would invest into having their home done so magnificently is quite impressive.

One reader commented on a blog that they could never live there because they couldn’t curl up on the sofa and eat buttered popcorn. Well lady, that’s not where you’d eat the buttered popcorn, that’s the home where you’d sip champagne, eat caviar and luxuriate!

The Entry

Living Room

I called this Living Room II--can't have too many of those (for entertaining)


Garden Patio

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