Gosh, I love learning new stuff. Today, I read an article by Mill House Antiques & Gardens about dressers that I found very interesting.

Did you know that a piece of furniture referred to as a “dresser” draws its name from the fact that food was plated before it was taken to the dining table? In fact, the word “dresser” is derived from the French word “dressoir” which refers to a  large piece of furniture on which food was given its finishing touches.  There are generally two types of dressers – a low dresser and a high dresser.  The low dresser is also referred to as a dressing board or kitchen dresser.  Whereas the low dresser was solely used for the preparation of meals, the high dresser also served the utilitarian task of displaying the household’s wares.

Read article here or contact Mill House Antiques and Gardens directly at (203) 263-3446. They have some very lovely things.

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