A sensible make-over

The media has been buzzing about the Oval Office make-over. This is not a political blog; I’m a designer so all I am interested in is the work that was done.

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I must say that the new look is very much understated. The brocade sofas have been reupholstered with brown cotton velvet pile fabric and trimmed dressmaker skirt. The coffee table (LOVE!) a modern design made from American walnut with marble inlays made of mica veneers. They have also reupholstered the Martha Washington chairs in leather as opposed to the blue and gold stripe from the Bush’s days. The new wall paper is striped (gold and yellow although it looks tone on tone beige to me). And they have also replaced broadloom to a honey colored carpet. Draperies have changed from swags to tailored scalloped valance.

The rest of the case goods remained the same. The infamous desk (The Resolute) would be hard to replace and I guess would create a stir, if not a fired frenzy if a decorator attempted to. The two lamps with blue base seems to be the only bold attempt and I guess they decided to throw a blue toss pillow on one of the sofas (transitioning I suppose), but it seems like an afterthought.

HATE that bush placed on the fireplace mantel. Looks very cheap and tacky (another afterthought perhaps—like oh oh he’ll be back in an hour we can’t leave the mantel blank, what do we have, oh grab the Christmas bush). They could have done candlestick, vases, crystals, an interesting arrangement of accessories, anything but fake greenery!

Not a WOW! But a sensible fresh look.

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