It’s the future

I spent the whole week between Christmas and New Year reading. Yup! I got an e-reader for Christmas. It’s my new toy and I love it! What’s most exciting is that I am able to buys books at a fraction of the cost than I would spend at a book store. A digital book averages around $8.99 some are considerable less. I then crawled the web looking for e-books discounts, I was able to find some for 35% off; that book is now $5.85. What an invention! I can carry around a library of books wherever, whenever. No more treks to goodwill to give away books. No more trying to find space on the bookshelf for yet another book. And oh the trees the trees we will save.

Gasp! A fleeting thought. What will happen to books? I love books, I even love the smell of new books, I first laid eyes on my husband in a bookstore for heaven’s sake. I AM A BOOK WORM. They have now even instituted SMARTboards in classrooms, touch screen technology is coming at us determinedly fast. I see what some of us have grown to love so much fading away in the distant future; a future, where paper books are considered collectibles. I felt my heart sinking when a loud bell in my mind went ding ding ding! Collectibles, yes collectibles.

I predict that with the phasing out of paper books to electronic books, hard bound books will become even more valuable. They will be collectibles. Depending on title, author, publisher and date published some books will fetch more than others. But how do we preserve some of what we already have?

Ta dah…. introducing Juniper Books.

Juniper Books assemble complete book collections for your home library – from dozens to thousands of volumes – fully customized based upon the interests, design preference, and budget …..

……Whether you want to build a collection of leather bound literary classics, a wall of books in a particular color and/or binding style, or just a few shelves with good quality histories and biographies, Juniper Books can design a home library for you. Our knowledge of literature, history and art is broad, our sources for new, out-of-print and antique books are diverse, and our creativity and understanding of the aesthetic possibilities of books are boundless.

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I came across this company while thumbing through a magazine and was delighted that they are so accessible. As an interior designer I see great value in their service, not only because a library of bounded books is aesthetically pleasing but also the potential value of investing in preserving some of the books you already own. Here’s my suggestion, give it some thought, start looking at your library a little differently.

I know I will…. by starting with the books no longer in publication.

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2 thoughts on “It’s the future

  1. Love the idea! Especially love that you can make a huge statement almost like a piece of art.

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