From austere to awesome

We have always thought of hospital interiors as austere, cold, and impersonal. We have even coined the term “clinical” to describe an atmosphere or mood. e.g. Two women in a recently opened store in here in SoBe.

Person 1: “What did you think of (blank) store?”

Person 2: “They had some cute stuff, but gosh the interior is so clinical

See what I mean….

So I am glad to see hospital administrators and interior designers are taking a different approach when it comes to hospital interior design. Take a look at Maggie’s Center, located at Cheltenham Hospital in England.

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This center provides care for cancer patients and this recently- added extension features large common areas with plenty of seating room as well as a private meeting room and therapy room.  Lovely, a hospital interior that is calm and soothing and not-so-clinical.

Another hospital interior that has a really cool interior design is Miami Children Hospital;
take a look at the pictures below.






The hospital walls are painted in bright colors with interesting and sometimes interactive murals.  Even the post op rooms have the ceiling painted with clouds and teddy bears and rainbows. They have done a fantastic job of removing that foreboding atmosphere and replace it with colors, fun and smiling faces.

If you happen to see some cool hospital interior send me picture and I’ll post.

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