Timeless Holders

Nothing exudes more warmth than the flickering of a candle’s flame. The candle business was so hot a few years ago; shapes, sizes scents and colors were limitless. There wasn’t a home that didn’t have a few scented candles displayed. Now that the scented candle insanity has died down, I wanted to bring attention to what should have been equally important if not more important than the candles themselves.

Candle-holders…… can speak volume. For a moment few years ago, candle holders had taken a back seat to all the candle pushers out there as if they were an afterthought. Now I am seeing more thoughtful selections as I go about my daily jaunt. Today I’d try desperately to talk a client out of these.

And talk them into these.

Why? Well take a look the first set of pictures. They are nice and probably made well enough to  last forever (I shudder at that thought) but they a whimsical and have one dimensional look and feel, that in a few years it would certainly end up in the basement/attic or  at some garage sale. A person should always consider any purchase for their home as an investment, yes….even for accessories.

In the second set of pictures these pieces are classical in appearance and have the flexibility to be used in any design setting. And with proper care can last a lifetime and be passed on to the next generation. For lack of a better phrase they are “timeless”.  Accommodating to those with a discerning approach to their décor.

Do remember the Kohler’s commercial where a woman walked into an office and placed a faucet on the table and say “Design a house around this!” Now switch that faucet for a candleholder, which home would you prefer to live in?

So let me end with this, how do you envision your space?

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