Lights, get your cameras

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They’re gorgeous right?  I’ll just file these under avant- garde. How could I not?

This is a collection called Roza by Dan Pirsc for Lasvit. A company based in Prague, Czech Republic that designs, develops and creates original design objects made of glass, crystal, and other precious materials. “Lasvit” is a blend of two Czech words – love and light (láska and svit) and yes…. I am falling in-love with their lights.

Functionality wise, these lamps shines its iridescent light through Piršč’s artful recreations of the Rose’s petals. That means a bountiful blush in tones of pink: corals, salmons, and fuschias with just a hint of darkened yellow at petal’s edge, maintaining the organic aspect of the rose in the wild.

Interesting lamps and lightings has always been one of my secret pleasures. Lighting can either make or break a design composition and trust me; crappy lighting does not go unnoticed. It’s a very important fact that consumers should keep in mind as they make lighting selections.  As for Lasvit, their elaborate and artistic approach to such functional objects, serves only prove that point. Dare I say that they are certainly pushing the boundaries of the norm and status-quo of the lighting industry?

Suggestion to my readers:

Looking to bring an unexpected twist to one of your rooms? Consider new lamps, sconces and chandeliers.  They are so many gorgeous and affordable ones on the market right now. Don’t go for the ones that are “meh” try adding some wow factor; you will never tire of the compliments.

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2 thoughts on “Lights, get your cameras

  1. So pretty…wouldn’t they look cute in a little girls room too!

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