It makes me smile

Finding and learning about new products get me really excited, especially when they are innovative, practical and downright aesthetically pleasing. A few days ago, compliments of 3 rings, I stumbled ago across the cutest, most adorable convertible crib.  Enter the Ubabub Pod Cot.

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I mean really… I find this really cool unlike “the one that shall not be named twice on this blog!” This modern, eco friendly cot has smooth round edges (forget those rectangular cribs we’ve all become accustomed to ) made from wood sourced from renewable plantation, has clear acrylic sides with star shaped cut outs (big enough for airflow and too small for limbs to get caught in) allowing unobstructed view for both baby and parents .  No longer is your child peering at you through bars! Mamas how you liking that?  Its low in height which allows for easy lifting in and out and it’s super adaptable.

The junior bed is downright cute and I bet if you call in an artist they can easily customized the headboard with some really adorable murals and paintings. Now I can picture that!

I had a chance to communicate with Daniel Dumais (company’s co-founder) and they are undertaking the USA ASTM standards so we might have the product available here by the end of this year.  It retails around $1900US; unlike the other one with the ridiculous $9000US price tag.

Will be keeping an eye on this one.

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