Tangerine Tango

Love everything about it. Love the color and fruit and boy do I love to tan… no I mean love to watch others do the tango. But this combination is all about the hot color for 2012. Pantone Color Institute the authority on color just made the announcement. Drum roll – Pantone 17-1463

It’s warm, spicy, fun, bold, dramatic, and positive… gosh I could go on, but let’s take a look at some applications shall we?



Home Décor

Interiors (My specialty)

(Modern Setting)

Astoria Guest Retreat eclectic bedroom (Traditional Setting)
(eclectic bedroom design by orange county interior designer Domicile Interior Design)

You are going to see everywhere; hopefully some will use it with discretion. I especially like gray with a splash of tangerine (no I don’t mean grey goose with a splash of tangerine or the other way around tangerine with a splash of grey goose). But more like the above.

Have fun with this

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