Fly Chair

So I’m working of a condo project on the Beach and loving every moment of it. Well, not only is this client easy to work with but when I asked him my usual “How do you envision your space?” He responded “I want it to look like an Ice House,  that would be really cool” Right away, I know that this is going to be all about form and function since we are  limited with color. Believe when I say it has been fun just sourcing and finding some awesome products and vendors that out there on the market. Anyway, last week he sent me an email with this chair and questioned its availability for our project.

Unfortunately, it’s a prototype and not available yet, but I’m sure when it becomes available it’s going to be pretty pricey.  It did however allow me to dig a little deeper into the furniture designer Phillip Grass who has designed some cool, sleek innovative pieces.

In his interview with Dezeen he said “My design is futuristic with a sense of acceleration and speed; organic with seamless flowing forms,” says Grass. “Simple, well-balanced and peaceful, while simultaneously creating a sense of awe. “I find inspiration in vehicles such as cars, aeroplanes and spaceships; in the structure of bones and in the fluid forms of fish.”

I’m keeping an eye on him.

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