Are they really obsolete?

Oh dear! Just read an article about furniture pieces that are going obsolete. Obsolete is strong word, I  would like to think of it as our lifestyle has changed over decades and some of these pieces have taken on different forms and function.

As the article states

  1. Coffee table— well you still need to have something in that space. Today, furniture designers are taking really bold steps and making this piece like art. I have seen some really nice sculpted ones. Where functioned is concerned, admittedly it’s inconvenient for the person sitting at the end of the sofa, so stacking tables work. And it more comfy to rest your legs on an ottoman, beside it’s so tacky and classless to raise your legs on a coffee table yuck!

    Flame coffee table

  2. Loveseat— They still exist, but they have redesigned these to “chair and a half” the dimension are more suitable for that corner nook in the bedroom usually around 54’ to 60’ rather that a double cushion loveseat that 66’+

    Chair and a half

  3. Sideboard—The ugly ones are pretty much out of site, but trust me you can still find plenty of these except they have renamed  them “console” and they are now designing them as signature pieces to be placed in the foyer, hallways etc. Surely not used as they once were.

    Console– lots of storage space

  4. Nightstand—I disagree, still around, heck where are you going to put your stuff, like glasses? A more  contemporary look it to have two different pieces as opposed to matching

    Night Table

  5. Full size bed—I  agree, its out out out except for hotels. I had one of those convertible cribs that as the child grows you change it to a full size bed. The full size mattress was more expensive than a queen and it was a hard sell when I tried to get rid of it. I practically gave it away.
  6. The landline —Yes! You need it if you have a security system and they usually work after the storm or hurricanes
  7. Tablecloth—good god yes (I’m not even posting a picture)
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3 thoughts on “Are they really obsolete?

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