Off Topic (because it deserves it)—The Bob Marley Documentary

I went to see this terrific film at the  O Cinema  in Miami, FL.  Loved it and highly recommend it!  (Oh btw, while I’m writing this I found out that it was opened on “National Cannabis day”, April 20th. Really? Weed has its own day?) Anyway there were so many details revealed about this legendary man that goes beyond the t-shirts and buttons and “wanna-be”  rastas that so often becomes the symbolism of being “into with reggae music”

Poignant moments were, the description his children Cedella and Ziggy’s gave of their relationship with him during their childhood; of how competitive he was while playing with them. Another was how focused and determined he was on getting his message out. It was more than just riffs, beats and rhythm for him, he had a message that he strongly felt that all people should hear; prophetic  messages. And last, his aggressive determination to beat cancer. Honestly this is the first time I have ever felt an emotional connection to him. I left that movie theater with a renewed respect for the man and his life.

Oh, the most endearing part for me was a recording of one of his interviews; the interviewer asked him “Are your rich?” He looked at the interviewer and returned with “Wat yu mean rich, wat’s rich for yu? Yu mean like… possessions?” Then he shifted his eyes off camera and stated “Possessions, don’t make you rich” It made me smile because that’s the Bob Marley I remember.

Try to see this if you can. It’s only being shown in 42 theaters in the US.

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