You don’t have to smoke to float; Let me show you how

I have been noticing a floating trend in design lately. Designers and their manufacturers have been producing some innovative products that are either suspended where otherwise it would placed directly on the floor  or have a smooth flow of traffic patterns around them, where otherwise would have been anchored to the walls.  Remember the Kitchen, that’s one nice floating kitchen.

Here are a few more interesting pieces.  First, Victoria & Albert Free Standing Cabrits Tub


Vitraform Glass Sink

Floating bed by Presotto Italia


Floating Nightstand

Another floating kitchen by Petite Cuisine

And last but not least  a floating conference room table by Bozhinovski Design


Is this because of the limited living spaces that are being built?  I do know they give the feeling of openness and I also like the fluidity in lines and form and yet there is no compromise in function.

I guess we no longer need to feel secure and grounded. Let me know what you think.

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4 thoughts on “You don’t have to smoke to float; Let me show you how

  1. Reblogged this on KOTHEA The Fabric Blog and commented:
    Yes they look great…a big step forwards from the invisible brackets on IKEA wall shelves 15 years ago! Some of these products are quite heavy and the fixing mechanisms need to be structurally VERY sound to avoid a nasty surprise a few months later especially where water is involved.

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  3. Its a great look in my opinion. Especially that GORGEOUS Vitraform countersink.

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