Creating Your Own Color Scheme

Redesigning your space? This is an excellent way to use items around your home for inspiration.

Ever have a hard time deciding what color scheme to use for the nursery or that boring space which desperately needs a makeover? Well, look no further than what you already have around the house! 

I created three different colors schemes from an arrangement that’s currently in my room. You can use your favorite things and pull a collection of colors from them.

The inspiration. 

Color scheme #1: inspired by pink hydrangeas and the leaves. 

Color scheme #2: inspired by the leaves and pearls. 

Color scheme #3: inspired by hydrangeas and tiffany & co. 

Have fun creating an unlimited possibilities of color schemes from ordinary objects around your house!

‘Til next post, Kellie

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4 thoughts on “Creating Your Own Color Scheme

  1. You’re the BEST! Kellie

  2. Bernadete on said:

    someday i will have a blog like yours.

  3. Clotildes on said:

    thanks for the post, it helped me a lot

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