Please make my home look like somewhere no one lives

Early into my design career, a bachelor walked into my work place and plopped down $20k cash on my desk and said “Have you been to “XYZ hotel? I want my bedroom exactly like their deluxe suite!”  He ventured on to ask “Is that enough?”

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I signed him up right away and went directly to that hotel with my camera, because I’ve never stayed at that hotel. I had to see what inspire him so much.  I found it to be “meh”, but I gave him what he wanted. After so many years of being in business, I probably wouldn’t be so quick to that ( I don’t have manager over my shoulder whispering “quota”) but I came across this article by Matthew Sweet that succinctly explains why consumers feel compelled  to create that “boutique hotel” look and feel in their homes.

“The hotel room now is often more bespoke than the domestic interior. That’s why people aspire to get a bedroom like one in a special hotel they’ve visited.”

The boutique hotel now seems to be the principal template for domestic interior design—the ideal that haunts the dreams of today’s refurbishers and renovators as powerfully as the ocean liner and the Edwardian country cottage haunted the 1930s and 1970s. Flip open an interiors glossy and you’ll be exhorted to clad your walls with mirrors embossed with pointillist dots, as at the W in San Francisco; personalise your living room with a heraldic arrangement of monkeys, cutlery and tennis racquets, like the SLS, Beverley Hills; light your hallway with bulbs like the ones screwed into the ceilings of the Chateau Marmont, which contain sky-blue filaments twisted into the shape of Pan, god of the forests. “A pendant [light] either side of the bed,” coos the lifestyle editor of the Mail on Sunday supplement You, “will give your room a smart hotel feel and save on space.”

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2 thoughts on “Please make my home look like somewhere no one lives

  1. I’d give him a look for 1/10th that price

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