Do you know how to make an entrance?

Not to a party….. but to your home.  I am referring to your foyer, the entrance area of your home often used to hang coats, store kids school bags, shoes and other daily clutter. This often ignored space was traditionally intended as an airlock, separating heated rooms from drafts of the front door; however my advice to clients has always been to use this space to make a first impression.

It’s a small but very important space of the home. It should feel welcoming; you should decorate this space to give you a feeling of respite from the outside world. As you enter your home this space should make you exhale. Try to keep it uncluttered from mail and keys etc. Make sure it has adequate lighting as some times this space tend to have no windows (e.g. apartments). Use colors that exude warmth, this is a great space to experiment with a snazzy wall paper to put you in a pleasant mood.  You can afford to place an uncommon piece of furniture here, a piece that’s an intro to your personality.

Below are a few foyers that I think are great examples.

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3 thoughts on “Do you know how to make an entrance?

  1. The foyer with the stack of orange boxes has always seemed so striking to me. It’s just the right amount of bold color and also helps keep clutter at bay. Great post. Love the images.

  2. Nice blog!!!! I’m a new follower….a big kiss and see you soon

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