My bruised rump and loving faux leather floors

Some projects just kicks your butt!  Really, I mean the kick that drains your thoughts of everything else but the project itself. I have been working on a retail project since January. It has an extremely tight budget, lots of constant coordination with numerous contractors and vendors, change orders, mounting paper work, hundreds of traveled miles between the three counties and an end date that seems so near yet so far.

I haven’t posted in months, so I am forcefully taking a break today to catch up on one of the things that I love to do… finding new stuff and sharing. I came across this DIY flooring a few months ago and wow!  Paper bag floors an alternative to wood floors, have you heard of it? I have never heard of it but it looks good, and best of all the cost is approx $50 for 10X10 room.

Paperbag floor 2 paperbag floor

I am told it looks like faux leather. Not a bad uh?

This is one of the best tutorial I have found on how to

Get the Brown Paper Floor Technique facts here

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