Pssst! Come here, I want to share something with you

As intimate as this post will be, I promised there won’t be any TMI’s.

Ok, so I am working on huge renovation for a client of mine. Its condo built in the 70’s on the ocean front, beautiful view, split floor plan, but needed the upgrades to bring into this century. Knocking out walls, incorporating new architectural features, redoing the kitchens and bathrooms at which point the client requests a bidet in the master bath.

Problem…. there is not enough space to add a bidet and be ADA compliant. The next option was the toilet/bidet combo. The first one I looked at was the Toto (which is like the Lexus of this group), but it was $3,000. Kohler has a neat looking one too but that’s into the $4,000’s.

Toto Neorest 550

Toto Neorest 550



Then I found some manufacturers with toilet seats which combined as a bidet.

Brondell 550

Brondell 550

Apprehension and doubt took over; do they look cheap and crappy? How well do they work? How sanitary are they? Are there going to be messy hoses along tank etc? Prices start at $300 and up with more features than you can imagine. So the client and I decided this was the way to go, yet I still wasn’t confident.

Yesterday I ran an errand to Home Depot and decided to pop over into the toilet aisle to see if they had any variations of this. Of course they do! They had one that looked like a (ain’t nobody got time for that) garden hose; nope not an option! Then I saw another which I read about online Brondell, except it wasn’t hundreds of dollars as advertised, it was only $60.00. Hmm I thought no batteries, self cleaning, warm water option, attached to your regular toilet, easy set-up.  Well OK sold, fixing to give it a scathing review if it disappoints even the tiniest bit.

I consciously decided not to get my husband involved because I wanted to do the full install all by myself so my report would be not skewed. I opened the box, took out all the pieces and lay them on the floor. Grab the instruction book (doing this will save time and frustration as your installation success will be 99.99%) and spent less than 4 minutes reading the set-up. It took me 10 minutes to install. Yes a full 15 minutes and you have a bidet! No tools needed, nada, zip, zilch.

Brondell FreshSpa

Brondell FreshSpa

It was time to test it…”Hot damn it works, OH MY GOD!”


Highly recommend and for only $60.00 every home should have this.

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