I did Gold

You get an empty canvas (maybe an empty condo like this was) and must you visualize the space in completion. Not only are you looking at an empty space, but you must also be able to convey verbally (while perhaps standing in that vacuum) what that finished space will look like to the client. It’s an exercise that stretches the imagination like nothing else…believe me. Sometimes the inspiration hits immediately, and sometime it can take weeks!

One of my favorite friend/client called me when they purchased this condo. Bare white walls, white porcelain tiles, just a blank canvas. She said “Ray, I need warmth, I can’t live with this starkness!” Fortunately, I knew both her and her husband well enough to be able to infuse their personalities into the creative process quickly. Time was of the essence; I had only three (3) months. My friend is a little laid back; her husband is very spirited man who moves at the speed of lighting. They both appreciate refinement with a touch of glamour BUT their space MUST be livable. They use every inch of their home, so there is no compromise when it comes to comfort.

During the first meeting of fall last year, I mentioned that there was a resurgence of gold and I would like to use that as opposed to silver/chrome as metal accent. They both went window shopping and came up with little to not much. It was amusing when they expressed their doubts about the availability of gold pieces. I reassured them, because hey “Bawse Designer” (haha new self imposed title)! I knew exactly which vendors were the trendsetters and where I would source their items. We even designed a floating entertainment unit in Zebrano finish with gold highlights.  Helloooo, today gold is everywhere.

I am fortunate to be able to have clients that trust my creative process (aka my madness) and I am glad that I had the opportunity to “glam-up” and “glam-out” this condo.

For torture see before and after here

P.S I want to extend my gratitude to my design assistant Olivia Bernhardt who was able to hang for all the long drives and source and scouring all corners to find just that right chandelier at the right price, because that’s the one I want!


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