I can’t remember when I first developed my love for interior design, but my earliest memory of conscious aesthetics is of a beloved aunt tossing a self-made multi colored knitted throw over a settee. I remember her standing back to assess her handy work with approval. I knew right then at the impressionable age of 4, that you can do more with a settee than just plopping on it. Her simple act ingrained in my psyche; that something as utilitarian as a settee could be prettier with a slight toss of hand.

Despite growing up during a political tumultuous period in Jamaica (the 70’s), my youth was surrounded with creative ideas. There was nothing in excess as a matter of fact most things we take for granted today was in scarce supply if available at all; but that didn’t stop us from making cushions to “brighten” the décor, it didn’t stop us from tinting white paint with red to give our walls a hint of blush or rearranging the furniture to give our space a fresh look. I remember dying and batiking fabrics, mixing and matching colors; taking bold risk with various finishes, learning to sew and crochet, we made just about everything. You see, improving ones environment flows through my blood, my cells, it’s simply me.

In the late 90’s after many frustrating years of climbing the corporate ladder I was encouraged to start a career in interior design by friends who claimed I had “something”… I really wasn’t sure as I enrolled in my local university interior design program with apprehension. It was a revelation, I realize that I should have been doing this years ago instead of trying to stifle my natural creative self into some corporation peddling whatever products they deemed hot that’s now obsolete. I could actually make living from something that I can do with my eyes closed…. in my sleep! I could actually wake up in the mornings and look forward to my day; I could actually feel as if I helped someone by solving some problems they may have with a living space.  My purpose began to fit together. I also realize that if I operated my own firm, I couldn’t be laid off because a company ran out of funding (usually unbeknownst to their employees) or I wasn’t going to be forced into early retirement to make space for younger fresher, cheaper workforce.

Fast forward today, over a decade later, I still enjoy waking up and looking forward to whatever design challenge I have at hand. I am completely engaged with various home improvement designers, manufacturers and vendors. I am excited about new products and solutions that are designed and created every day. I am continuously amazed at all the creative geniuses out there, creating things to make our lives simpler, and better, more productive, cleaner and gosh darn it– beautiful and sometimes downright sexy.

So with great pleasure I created this blog as an outlet to showcase some the great finds; I track down the hard to find so you won’t have to. This I do best!

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